YAS Compatible TI-85 Programs

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Compatible ZShell Games
Compatible ZShell Programs
Compatible Usgard Games
Non-Compatible ZShell Games
Non-Compatible ZShell Programs
Non-Compatible Usgard Games



Aliens v2.1 A slow paced shoot-em up; slight deviation between 'novice' and 'master' mode.
Area 51 v0.0 Drive a tank and blast those aliens away! Cool weird graphics.
Asteroids Demo Version The classic space top-view space shooter, long 15 second delay upon entering.
Bandit v1.0 Slot machine-type game. Bet amount changeable and winnings saved upon exit.
Black Jack v1.1 The classic card game. Does not save winnings.
Bombard v1.0 Adjust your velocity and angle in direct correlation to the wind to destroy your opponent! 2-player on same calc.
Boneyard v1.0 Game style is similar to Centipede. Limited features, no documentation.
Boulder Dash v1.0 Control Rockford in the top-view maze and collect diamonds. Slow response to movements, 86ASM version available.
Bouncing Ball It's a bouncing ball. Probably only good for a screensaver.
Boxes v1.0 A challenging puzzle game. Saves level when you exit.
Casino v1.3 A three-in-one game. Includes BlackJack, Poker and Slots. Money is saved upon exiting.
Caves v4.0 In YAS, press [x-Var], highlight CENGINE, and press [2nd]. Then execute the levels to play.
Chess v1.2 2-player chess. Linkplay option.
Columns v3.0 Game is played by holding the calculator sideways. Nearly identical to Sega's Columns for Game Gear.
Comrad v0.1 Somewhat similar to Commando. Skips a bit, and keys are often unresponsive.
Connect Four Like the classic game. Two people play on one calculator. Instructions
Contra It has pretty nice graphics. But has one level, too easy, it doesn't scroll when holding arrow key, and enemies don't charge at you. Game is very much unfinished.
Cubes^2 Puzzle Game A shareware puzzle game where you must rotate blocks and have them each in a special order.
Daedalus v0.31B A Doom/Herectic/Quake-type 3D Raycasting engine with weapons, enemies, and several options. Runs slow unless you use a small window.
Daleks v1.0 A game similar to Dr. Who.
Dicegame v.5B A rolling dice game where the objective is to get the lowest score possible.
Dots v1.2 Like the Windows Entertainment Pack "Dots." Two-player. Press the number keys (2,4,6,8) to draw the line. Whoever makes the most boxes wins. Instructions
Dr. Mario v1.1 It's the Nintendo classic, Dr. Mario! Beautiful graphics, and perfect emulation (compared to ASE). No two-player. Plays sideways like Columns.
Etch-a-Sketch v1.0 Like an Etch-a-Sketch. Draw some nice pictures.
Etch-a-Sketch+ Identical to Etch-a-Sketch v1.0, except it includes the ability to save images which apparently does not work under emulation.
Express Way v1.3 Cross the road without getting run over.
Eye Animation v1.0 Blink these animated eyes. Open the eyes all the way, and press [2nd] to see what happens when you're on a computer too long.
FakeOS v1.3 It's compatible, but you don't need it. It's not even a game.
Final Fantasy 7 - The Calling (Demo) It's the movie demo of an upcoming release of FF7. Frames per second on par with an actual TI-85.
Formula One It's got nice looking graphics, but it runs too slow to be playable.
Froggies v1.01 Froggies? It's basically Tic-Tac-Toe! What an odd name. Score is given in English and "three in a row" in Spanish. (First multi-lingual game?)
Game of Life Beta A logic minded game where you must manage cells with a certain amount of neighbors.
Globe Animation v1.0 A full screen animation of a spinning globe.
Hexagon v1.0 Interesting puzzle game, jump over the hexes and take over the board. 2-player capable.
HexFighter - Combat Sim Shareware Nice graphics and gameplay, but due to shareware limitations, very very few features.
Hyper Galaga v1.0.055 Very similar to the author's other game, Galaxian. Gamespeed is very fast and damage from enemy does not register often.
Hyper Galaga Lite 7 A slightly smaller version of Hyper Galaga. Still too fast too play.
Insane Game v2.71 A single/multiplayer puzzle game.
Invader v0.1 A very simple and predictable space shooter.
Jezzball v2.1 Just like the Windows Entertainment pack classic. Trap the bouncing balls to the smallest box possible.
Jon's Weak version of Weave Avoid the walls in your space ship.
Joust v2.0 A game based on an Atari classic. Collision detection is a bit off, game still runs.
Klear Memory v5.0 Though designed for a TI-85, it works perfectly on a TI-86. It fakes a cleared memory.
Knight v2.0 In the game of chess, the knight jumps in an L-shape. How many L jumps can you do without overlapping?
Labby v2.1 You're trapped in a maze filled with ghosts. Get out as fast as you can! Set Labby as an External Variable and run the level file.
Lode Runner v1.5a Recover the gold in this Mario Bros. style game. You must select LODERUNN in the External Variables Menu in order to play.
Lode Runner v1.80 Recover the gold in this Mario Bros. style game. You must select LODERUNN in the External Variables Menu in order to play. Adds two options to v1.5a.
Look v0.1 An animation similar to Microsoft's "flying through space" screen saver.
Lunoid v8.6 Another Arkanoid clone. Bounce algorithm is fair and paddle/ball speed ratio is good.
Matricks v1.3 Move your cursor around and it will flip blocks depending which direction you run over the block. You need to match one side with the other. Instructions
M.C. Miks v1.0+ Shareware A grayscale side-scrolling adventure game. Instructions
Mega Racers v1.04 A driving game with two courses. Neither map nor car is viewable. Mega Racers 2 (Usgard) is a vast improvement over Mega Racers v1.04 (ZShell).
Meister Mind v1.201 A puzzle game where you must break the 4 code sequence. Single/Multiplayer.
Memory v1.6 Classic flip-tile game. The fewer invalid matches you make, the better your score.
Mine Hunt v1.0 Drive your tank through an obscure minefield.
Minesweeper v1.0 Similar to the Windows game Minesweeper. Three difficultly levels and ability to set flags. No auto-discover feature.
Minesweeper v2.7 Dan Eble's Minesweeper has 5 levels of difficulty, ability to set flags, and auto-discovery on areas with no surrounding mines. Instructions
Mutiny2 v1.0 A side-scrolling space shooter with guns and megabombs.
Mutiny2 v1.3 An questionable improvement to v1.0, less missles per screen, collision detection a bit off, larger graphics, scrolling starfield background, and more.
Nibbles v1.1 Guide your slithering snake to the apples without bumping into the walls or yourself.
Nibbles v1.36 Guide your snake to the apples. No outer walls does not necessarily make for an easier game. No high score save.
Okiedoke A puzzle game by a French programmer where you must invert all the blocks.
Othello 2 v1.0 The classic board game with multiplayer.
Pacman v2.6 The graphics are nearly identical to the cultural hit "Pacman," but the gameplay is very awkward. Pacman seems to glide, rather than go one space at a time, which makes it difficult to turn.
Pacman 97 v77 The graphics have much more resemblance to the real Pacman. Only three levels though.
Perversi v1.0 An Othello-style game with various difficulty levels, and an ability to do calc-vs-calc.
Plain Jump v1.0 Roll the grayscale marble forward and jump on platforms. Includes on-calc level editor.
Plain Jump 2 v0.9b Sequel to Plain Jump. Includes grayscale, multiplayer, sound, and level saving/restoring.
Pong Kombat v.3 Your own paddle moves way too slow to even return the ball, and finishing moves didn't work.
Pool v1.0 No readme file, limited range of aim, and newtonian physics very off. Still fun nonetheless.
Perigee Pong v1.2 Single player pong with 5 speeds to choose from.
Quick Snake How long can your snake grow before you kill it? Somewhat resemblant to Nibbles.
Raid v1.0 A pretty slow, jerky and predictable invader-type clone.
Ricochet v1.0 An odd puzzle game where the object of the game is to keep your lives while adding up points? Seems very awkward and no readme. mkricoch.85s (not ricochet.85s) seems to crash upon exiting.
Scroll v4.0 A Boulder-Dash type game with many user-createable levels. Select SENGINE in the External Variables menu. Run the level file(s).
Simcity v.93b A city build and management simulation game based off the popular PC game. Latest version includes numerous improvements, too many to list.
Simon v1.1 A simple memorize-more-as-the-level-advances. Based on the electronic game.
Slippy v1.0 An interesting puzzle game with good graphics.
SnakeMan v.0.4 Similar to Quick Snake with four speeds.
Solitaire v1.0 Solitaire, the single person card game, graphics are slightly confusing.
Solomon's Key A character-involved puzzle game.
Solytare v2.1 A smooth graphical Solitaire with cursor and option to flip 1 or 3 cards.
Space Invaders v1.2 Space Invaders clone, reasonably smooth, similar to Galaxian, but not as fast.
SpaceWar v1.0 Beta2 A multiplayer-only asteroids style shooter. Works against 85/86.
SpamSpam v2.0 A number game based entirely on random factors.
Speed Game v1.0 A visual reaction game where you must press the Function key in accordance to the screen.
Spy Hunter v0.4.2a No collision detection makes for a game with little purpose.
Sqrxz v.3 Side-scrolling Mario-type game. Available in 86ASM with ability to create levels.
Squarez v1.0 A puzzle game with a style somewhat similar to Tetris. Available in 86ASM.
Super Breakout v5.0 Another Arkanoid clone, seems the paddle speed and ball bounce speed is not in a fair ratio. Also, the bounce algorithm feels off.
Tapper v1.2 A classic game in which you are to serve as many beers as possible to the customer.
Tetris v4.5 The gameboy classic. Sparse in features when compared to ZTetris; it's only appeal is it's program size.
Tetris 97 v.89 Similar to Tetris v4.5, allows you to see two pieces in advance. Sparse in features compared to ZTetris.
TexaNoid v1.0 Another Arkanoid clone. Several options, but jerky paddle movement.
Tic-Tac-Toe v1.0 Tic-Tac-Toe, three in a row. Somewhat large for such a simple game.
Tic-Tac-Toe v1.3 Similar to Tic-Tac-Toe v1.0, but it keeps log of how many times O or X wins.
Tic-Tac-Toe v2.1 Tic-Tac-Toe with animation.
Tiles v2.0 Just like the plastic sliding puzzles where you must put everything in order. Instructions
Toggles v1.0 Game is identical to Okiedoke, but only one level. Beat it in 4 steps.
TriMounts v0.2 A card game based on TriPeaks for Windows.
Tron v1.4 A two-player snake game where the object is to stay alive the longest. Instructions
Tube v.5 An interesting game where you must fly through the abyss. Press [EXIT] twice to begin.
Video Poker v1.0 When betting, hold the arrow keys at least two seconds to increase/decrease bets. Odd thing is, when you lose all your money, you cannot resume gambling. You can still play poker, without money. Even when you exit and re-enter as the instructions suggest.
Weave v3.3 Dodge the blocks in your spaceship. Includes sound.
Yahtz v1.0a Based on the popular dice game.
Yatzy v1.0 Based on the popular dice game, chances of getting good combinations is high.
ZBike v1.3 Similar to Nintendo's Excite Bike. Design your own courses too!
ZFight v.78B A Mortal Kombat style game with three playable characters. Graphics are nice, but the game itself needs a lot of work. Set external.85s (becomes Scorp in YAS) as an External Variable.
ZKart v7.0 Includes a lite version and full version of the popular dodge-the-wall game.
ZKart3D v5.0 Screen interlaces compared to the 86ASM version, however, high-score function works, unlike the 86ASM version.
ZShell Game Genie v1.3.7 An in-calc game editor which is assumed to help you cheat in Super Breakout v5.0, PlainJump v1.0, and Tetris v4.5. Run the ZGenie program straight through the TI-OS. Highscore name has been verified to work in Super Breakout v5.0. Other's have been avoided, use at your own risk.
ZShess v1.0 A chess game where almost 'anything goes.' King's checkmate does not end the game. Available in English and French.

Non-Compatible Games

Crunch v2.5b Game screen loads, and freezes. [ON] can not restore to YAS.
Magic v0.0 No documentation, and the 85g file has several BASIC programs. It seems to be an ASM Compiler through BASIC.
Morons Beta Major Emulation problems result in an un-playable game.
Rinistys Documentation is in Finnish (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) and the file is 85b, which is a calculator backup. 85b files do not work on an 86, and I can't extract them with TI's GraphLink85 software.
Road v.5b When run, blankscreen occurs. Pressing [ON] however recovers the calculator back to YAS.
Toad v0.1 When run, program dumps out a line of ANSI garbage, calc not recoverable with [ON].
Vertigo v.94 There is an 86ASM version of the game, and in the readme, it clearly specified running non-86ASM versions of Vertigo through an emulator would not work.
XC-1701 v1.3 After the title screen, the menu freezes. After pressing [ON], calc crash-locks.
XC-1701 v1.3 HB edition Emulates a little better than XC-1701 v1.3, but, the second time you enter in a highscore, calc locks.
ZPong v1.3 Though this works on ASE v1.3, the same is not true for YAS. Once run, screen displays vertical lines and locks.
ZPong v2.01 Locks up calc; will not work as stated in YAS readme.
ZTetris v2.11 Shareware Locks up calc at mainscreen. Usgard ZTetris v3.0 is recommended.


3D Viewer v1.0 Make your own Magic Eye 3D pictures on your calculator! Version 1.5 does not work on the TI-86, version 1.0 however does.
Base Converter v1.0 Takes a number of any base (2-21) and converts to another number of any base (2-21).
Battery Test v1.1 YAS already includes a battery gauge, isn't this a little redundant? On contrast level 5, "BAD" was reported.
Blank Screen v.05 When run, it will display a solved math problem. Pressing [Exit] will turn off calc, typing [F][A][N][G] or pressing [ON] will exit.
CalcOff v1.0 A program for people who can't figure out how to exit YAS or turnoff the calculator.
Calendar v1.0 A calendar program that saves month on exit and switches between months/years faster than the 86ASM Calendar.
ChemLib v1.03 Three science programs (Lanthanoid/Actinoid v1.0, Polyatomic Ion List v1.0 and Periodic Table v1.0) with a style that seems to have been done in BASIC.
Compiler v1.2 A program that allows you to compile ZShell programs on the calculator. Read the compiler.faq file before starting.
Contrast Changer A program that allows you to change contrast and see numerical values of contrast level. Contrast already can be adjusted in YAS, redundant program nonetheless.
Directory Phonebook v2.6 A database for storing names and phone numbers.
DrawSprite A sprite demo test. Allows you to move the checkerboard key around. Written in SuperHAL.
Guitar Chord Master v0.1 A program that calculates guitar chords.
Graf-Write A program that functions, but does not actually write text on the graph screen as it is intended to do.
Hex Editor v1.0 A hex viewer and lets you edit.
Hex View v0.1 A hex viewer. The source code contains the readme file.
Keyboard v1.0 A program that lets you record your keystrokes to sounds. Only downside is that playback speed is not the same as recorded speed.
Organiser v2.2 A very simple and graphically layed out day-to-day planner. Typing system is very functional. Getting a type speed of 10-15 WPM is not difficult with this program.
Super Etch-A-Sketch An etch-a-sketch drawing program. Though readme says you can save drawn image, it doesn't work.

Non-Compatible Programs

3D Viewer v1.5 Program does not respond when it is run but calc is recoverable by pressing [ON].
Access Denied v1.4 When you set a key and proceed to lock your calc, screen turns black and crash-locks.
Dead Bolt v1.0 ANSI dump and crash-lock.
Game Wizard v.9 After extensively reviewing the documentation, it was just not possible to run this on any calculator but an 85 with ZShell.
Hex View v1.0 Program freezes upon entry. Pressing [ON] recovers the calculator.
Interrupt Demo Not detected.
Interrupt Debugger Program freezes, calc locks, ansi dump, and crash-lock.



Avenger v1.0 A never-ending space shooter with all pixels inverted (compared to other shooters).
Balloon v0.9 A side-scrolling adventure game. You must select only one level file at a time through the External Variables menu or your calc will lock up; recoverable by pressing [ON].
BreakDance! A funny game where you must follow the dancer by matching his breakdance pattern.
Chess85Lite An almost anything-goes chess game. King's and Queen's are identical in this game.
DrugWars v2.7B A game where you must buy and sell drugs to rise to the top. Saving works.
DStar v1.1 A puzzle game where the object is to make all the right moves also available in 86ASM.
DuckHunt v1.0 A target game where you must shoot the duck given only 3 bullets. Based on the popular Nintendo classic. Available in 86ASM.
Fishing: The crappiest game ever! A fishing game with very few options (if any) and unappealing graphics. I did not encounter a fish at all.
Fliptile v1.0b3 A puzzling game where you must invert the blocks in a fashion to eliminate them all.
Flush v1.2 A game in grayscale where you must rotate a single block to accomodate pieces from smaller blocks.
Frogger v1.0 The classic game where you must leap your frog across the road onto the lilypads. Available in 86ASM.
Galaxian v2.02 & v3.0 Perhaps one of the most popular space shoot-em up's of all time. Very smooth graphics, many levels and two weapons.
Golf v1.21 A golf game where the main skill required is to 'react'.
Ishido v1.0 A strategically-minded single player puzzle game.
Little Dude 2 Turbo v1.0 A huge RPG/Action/Adventure game. Menu function and loadup have small noticeable delays.
Lunar Lander v1.1 Land your lunar module by slowing down and landing on a flat surface.
Lunoid v9.4 It works in an emulator but on my calculator, it exits when asked to "press Any Key to Play." 86ASM version available.
M.C. Mik v1.1u A grayscale side-scrolling game. A few minor emulation problems. To begin the game press [F2] instead of [F1]. Pressing [F1] will cause your calc to exit and return to YAS.
M.C. Mik #2 v1.0u This is the second episode to M.C. Mik. Less emulation problems experienced in the prior version. Be sure to turn your contrast up a lot.
Mega Man v1.0 A conversion from the BASIC version of MegaMan to ASM. Somewhat slow, but much faster than BASIC.
Mega Racers v2.1 A driving simulation with two tracks and the best newtonian physics currently.
NorCal Fishing 85 v1.0 A fishing game with many options. The 86ASM version has even more features.
Nuclei Wars v1.5 Construct molecules from four different types of atoms and continue doing this as long as possible.
Opening Chess v.5b Similar to the other chess games out there and even allows you to regain a piece of your choice when your pawn reaches the other side.
Orzunoid v6.4 An Arkanoid clone with several pick up items. To play Sandbox, or any other external level, select Orzunoid in the External Variables Menu, and run the level file. Available in 86ASM. Orzunoid 7.0 currently works but not on my TI-86.
PacMan 98 Final The game based the classic cultural hit. Available in 86ASM.
PacMan 99 v1.1 Identical to PacMan 98 with the exception to a few more options. Available in 86ASM.
Picross v1.1 A puzzle game where you draw an image according to the numbers.
Pipe Dreams v1.1 Based on the Windows Entertainment pack classic where you must build pipes before the water comes.
PlainJump v1.1 The popular fast-paced marble rolling game where the object is to not fall off. Select level files in External Variables, and run pj1. Up to 5 levels can be detected in Plainjump at once.
Race v1.0 A game where the object is to prevent your "A" from hitting the #'s (walls).
Racin' v.7B A top-view driving game similar to Excessive Speed for the PC and R/C Pro Am for Nintendo.
Save the Men v0.9a A grayscale game where you are to "bounce" falling men jumping off buildings from various heights.
Scrappy v0.7 A top-view maze game where your character must pick up items while killing the enemies or avoiding them.
Sokoban v1.0 A puzzle game where you must move all the blocks in a difficult maze to the end. Available in 86ASM.
Solomon's Key Beta A character involved puzzle game.
Solytare v2.1 A smooth beautifully drawn version of Solitaire. Ability to flip 1 or 3 cards is included. Available in 86ASM.
Speed v1.2 A reflex testing game where you press the corresponding arrow key.
Spill v1.0 A game similar to Pipe Dreams, where you must build pipes to prevent the water from 'spilling.'
Super Mario Bros. v.41A Single level mario game. Donut drops react a little too fast.
Stones v1.0 A puzzle game with an intelligent computer AI.
SuperCopter Beta A limited beta release where you are in a helicopter and drop bombs onto buildings.
TechWarez v1.0 An on-calc multiplayer game that can be human/human, human/ti, or ti/ti. Similar to Scorched Earth and Bombardment, where you must use your weapons to obliterate the enemy. The ti/ti demo is cool to watch itself.
Tic-Tac-Toe v1.0 Tic-Tac-Toe against the calculator, records wins, losses and ties.
Tunnels v6.1 A dodge-the-wall game, runs very fast and dying within 1 second happens often. Slowing it down with Slow did not help.
XC-1701 2 v1.0 Space shooter with several level files. You must select the level files in the External Variables menu in order to see the levels in the game.
Vexed v1.1 A puzzle game with a simple objective, but an increasing difficultly factor as you progress.
Wak -A- Skeeter v1.2 A reflex timing game where you test how fast you can press the corresponding number key.
Z-Kart 3D v8.0 Another avoid-the-walls type game. Highscore save works, as opposed to the 86ASM version. Slight interlacing on edges.
ZTetris v3.0 The all-time classic puzzle game that speeds up each level. Links up against 82/83/85/86/92, making it one of the most multiplayer games of all time. Multi-player is much more stable than ZTetris v1.1 86ASM.


Bomberman v.8B When run, it auto returns to YAS.
Bomberman v0.2.0a Not detected.
BombSweeper v1.0 Requires winlib which is not supported by YAS.
Darkness v.9B Not detected.
Darkness Map Maker v1.0 Not detected.
DiceGame v.9B Not detected.
Hlawridge 1999 v0.05B It works, kind of. Several options however do not respond to the appropriate key (like [ENTER]) and when trying to exit, [EXIT] and then [ENTER] (as the next command would seem) does not exit at all. Pressing [ON] will exit.
Mine Sweeper v0.8 Everything goes smoothly, except I can't see my cursor when trying to select spaces to unveil.
Nibbles 0 Not detected.
Orzunoid v7.0 Once you actually get to the beginning of the level, and press [ENTER] to start, it autoexits to TI-OS. Orzunoid 6.4 works.
Orzunoid On-Calc Editor v1.0 After entering the name of the level file, it automatically returns to shell. Can not create level files either.
PacMan 2001 v3.0 YAS does not support Usgard programs that require libraries.
Pente v1.0b When regular or lite version is run, screen is flooded with ascii characters. Oddly enough, calc recoverable by pressing [ON].
Potty Pigeon v3.0 Not detected.
The Quest III - Chapter 1 v1.1a The file is in 85backup. This game has already been ported to 86ASM. Get it here.
Shifter v1.01 Not detected.
Slippy v2.0 Release Candidate 4 Even when level files are selected in External Variables, Slippy engine and Slippy Editor do not detect them. Available in 86ASM. Get it here.
Sqrxz v1.01 It works, though occasionally after a few times, it will lock up and crash the calc. Available in 86ASM. Get it here.
Tetris '97u.06 Not detected.
Twinblaster v1.0 Game loads up, and after pressing [Enter] to begin the game, busy indicator freezes and game locks. Pressing [Exit] returns to YAS.
Z-Kart v4.0 Not detected.


None yet.

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