ASE Compatible TI-82 programs

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7G It works, although not perfectly. You're a little ship flying sideways dodging walls by moving up and down. After you die the first time and replay, you die automatically on the second try. The only way to play normally again is to exit (press [Clear] when you see the animated 7G) and reenter.
LandMine v1.0 Emulated nearly perfectly. After you press a key from the title screen, you will see a blank screen, press another key again, and you will see the mine screen. [2nd] uncovers, [ALPHA] "flags" and [CLEAR] exits.
Marin v1.2 As with Diamonds, the game is too fast to play. Essentially you drop a guy from a helicopter onto a platform.


Diamonds Similar to the HP diamonds. Ran a little too fast when I tried.
Frawg Guts
Lunar Lander
World v1.0 beta1 Graphics resemble Legend of Zelda and character resembles duck with hat. Not emulated perfectly and unstable.

Misc 82


Non-Working 82 ASM

Little Dude - ASH - The intro looks very distorted and after arriving at the first level, I shot the round circle on the right side and my calc crashed.
Dumb Jumping Man (DJM) - ASH - Once you load it, it auto returns to AShell.
Fighter Jets 98 v1.1 - CrASH - Once you load it, it auto returns to AShell.
Simon v2.0 - ASH - After you press [CLEAR] like it asks on the title screen, inst-o ascii screen flood.
Zelda - AShell82 - Once you load it, it auto returns to AShell.

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