Compatible ASM Programs for TI-86

Welcome to the site dedicated to providing a comprehensive listing of TI-82/TI-85 Assembly programs that are compatible with a TI-86 using AShell Enhanced v1.3, Rascall v0.9 or Yet Another Shell v0.94. Here you will find listings, screenshots, comments, and links to download assembly programs from CrASH (82), ASH (82), ZShell (85), PhatOS (85), Rigel (85), and Usgard (85) that have been verified to work on your TI-86 with the shell and program only. Your results may differ. You will find the latest Assembly Shell news available nowhere else on the internet. Also, you will find other unique news and information related to TI-86's.

When looking at compatible programs, look for a TI-86 Assembly equivalent of the program prior to searching the listings. Most likely, the 86ASM version works better than 85 or 82 ASM. The only exception (so far) lies with Usgard ZTetris v3.0.

If you are using a non-frames capable browser, scroll to the bottom of the screen to get started. If you have any questions in general, email or post it on the Message Board. If you have any news-worthy information that have reasonable correlation to this site, send it to

Latest News
February 9, 2000

Wow, an update! Well, not really. Just a few notes I should say. First and foremost, one of the biggest reasons I slowed down a lot with working on this site was that it took a lot of time. When summer arrived, I had a full time job and a general priority shift. Combined that not too many "killerapps" came out, a few of my sources who seemed to have all but vanished, the visitor feedback was roughly .1% of the visits (yeah about 1 email or form for every 1000 unique hits), other website projects that seemed more interesting (most recently, my school website which has attributed to my greater understanding of javascript, tables and SSI), lack of news (taking things from and putting it here, is not news), and the general immaturity presented on the comment boards slowly wore me away from 'calculating' as a hobby. Wow that's a mouthful. If anything, I consider this site as just a major website project... which around this time, has redrawn my interest, partly since I've attained a few more skills in being capable of making this page look better and more efficient to the visitor... Personally, I hate frames now, but for so a site with so many pages, a navigation bar is pretty hard to manage, especially if you're constantly adding/removing things from it without the support of SSI. For the screenshot window, I could have a floating watermark that follows you as you scroll down, and when you want to see the screenshot, the watermark will display it (kinda like the Geocities watermark emblem that was incorporated on all homestead pages about a year ago). I've basically drawn a new site in my head, but I'm not given the resources here (mainly SSI support, perhaps a limited cgi-bin later). It was awhile ago when I asked SSI support would be enabled, but the request was denied due to possible security infractions. I could do well off with just regular SSI, and not the if, else etc statements of XSSI. I'm not bashing, in fact I'm honored that they haven't harassed me (yet) of why I haven't been updating, yada yada. I just want to be able to take advantage of something that has truly simplified the ability to make websites with navigation bars (and some other stuff that goes on every single page). My school website, which for better or worse I am on strike (long, long story... :) on, can be seen at Boring as it looks, I've got a ton of renovations planned as soon as the 'strike' is over with... hehe.

Ion86 as you already know is out. I never really fancied too many 83 games, honestly. :)

November 9, 1999

All about, Kirk Meyer's perspective. Check it out...

MiniShell 5.0 by Chicane is out. New features include password protection and folder renaming. Key layout is slightly different as well.

October 7, 1999

YAS .94 was released yesterday. Nothing major, just some fixes. Also, MSE v4.0 was released, which adds the use of code in external strings to detect variables on the calc. That way, when someone makes a new type of variable, all one would have to do is make a new module that detects the new variables. This new version of mse also has many bugfixes and a few added features as well.

Haven't gotten around to updating the shells section.

I've found a new use for TextView. Well, not really "new," but a different method of the perhaps age-old practice of entering in your homework assignments into your calculator.

Basically, I've created a template, that looks like this:

T:Homework for 10/ /99
~208 English:
~208 Calculus:
~208 US History:
~208 AP ES:
~208 AP CompSci:
~208 Spanish:

and saved it as a regular basic program named HW. Then, everyday, I make a new BASIC program with HW, then the date. So for today, the filename would be HW10799. Then in the editor, I press [2nd] [RCL] HW, and then it copies my template into HW10799. Then I just enter in the data into the fields... like, a 7 between the 10/ and /99, and homework pages, tests, quizzes, etc after each class. Oh, and ~208 is the symbol for a bullet. It just makes the output look nicer. :)

September 30, 1999

Just fixed the Form. That geocities/yahoo merger really messed my accounts up. I think I'll take down all the banners soon. You've all suffered enough. *g*

Not sure if this has been discovered yet, or intentionally implemented... But a few months ago, I remember asking to be able to backup my TI-86 using Virtual TI Emulator, unfortunately it wouldn't never complete. I found out a few days ago a new version came out. Luck (or fate?) would have it that backing up your entire calculator state WORKS! YES! You connect your graphlink to your calc and to your comp. Enable graph link on the correct com port, and then set the calc in the computer to receive, and send the backup from yours. It's takes at least 2 minutes... but hey, it's an entire calc state backup.. including your custom menu, etc.. as opposed to backing up your programs, etc into multiple group files. VTI must have restrict to actual speeds enabled. Oh, and if your physical calculator crashes, just reverse the process. Connect everything, set your calculator to waiting mode, and transmit a backup from the Virtual TI Emu. Amazing!

September 20, 1999

Sorry about the lack of updates. School has just got back into session for me and my time has been reduced drastically. If you have any questions regarding your TI-86, post them on the message board as I can respond to them faster that way as opposed to email. My interest and priority in TI's have been reduced. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons is due to lack of visitor feedback. However, if you have any suggestions I'd still like to hear them.

Bryan Rabeler is starting up his own TI website which is expected to be hosted at The site's intention is to be a news site with reviews, among other things not found on major TI sites. Nothing's up yet, but keep your eye on it.

August 14, 1999

Have you seen the new website? All I gotta say is... WOW! A huge improvement... and I'm not just saying that because my site is listed on the main page... :) Go check it out!

August 9, 1999

Been quite some time since an update... yes. Anyway, I checked (haven't done so in at least a month) and noticed the animated screenshot of Super Mario 86. I also remember reading about how "difficult" it was to make such screenshots. Heh, hardly if you have the right tools. All you need is a program called HyperCam, available in a 30-day trial version at Probably the only difficult thing about it is finding a nice balance between FPS and file size. Oh, and avi/mpg -> gif? Simple. Get Main Actor from A hefty 14.7 meg download, but if you scrounge... you might be able to find version 1.61, which is about 4 megs.

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