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Anaconda Screenshot
Anaconda, the first shell to make use of plug-ins, was written by Kirk Meyer. The base program is only a bare bones shell, which means that you simply install the plug-ins for all of the features that you want. This way you don't waste space with features that you don't need. Currently, the unique plug-in quikvue (quickview), allows you to view all variables in the shell, including pictures quickly and efficiently. Kirk Meyer plans to release 82/83/85 emulation plug-ins in the future.
AuroraShell Enhanced (ASE) Screenshot
AuroraShell Enhanced (ASE), the first TI-86 assembly shell with TI-85 emulation, was written by Bill Nagel. TI-85 emulation includes PhatOS, Rigel, Usgard, and ZShell programs. ASE also features TI-82 Ash and CrASH emulation, with the help of a program converter. You can also delete programs. Bill Nagel has said he is no longer working on ASE, so v1.3 is the final version.
Emanon Animated  Screenshot
Emanon, the first TI-86 assembly shell to allow user defined BASIC program descriptions, was written by Ben Mickle. This shell also includes applets, similar to Anaconda's plug-ins. Emanon allows for icons, 7x7 rather than 8x8. Also, programs can be hidden much like Rascall's fashion. Ben Mickle plans to include scrolling and an 85ZShell applet, though not in the near future.
Iridus Screenshot
Iridus, the first TI-86 assembly shell, was written by Alan Bailey. This is a very simple shell with a GUI and ability to change contrast.
Mini-Shell Enhanced  Screenshot
Mini-Shell Enhanced (MSE), one of the smallest TI-86 assembly shells, was written by Chicane. This shell offers some of the best of both worlds. It features BASIC program support, program deletion, free memory display, program size display, and a shutdown feature like ASE. The latest release allows pictures to be selected as the background and program folders.
Omega-Shell Enhanced  Screenshot
Omega-Shell Enhanced (OSE), quite possibly the smallest functional yet simple shell, was written by Will Dempster. It features similar features of other shells, including the ability to run BASIC and Assembly programs through a GUI and change of contrast.
Rascall Screenshot
Rascall, probably the most user configurable TI-86 assembly shell, was written by Matthew Shepcar. Rascall features TI-85 emulation of PhatOS, Rigel, Usgard, and ZShell programs. Rascall also provides security so you can you hide programs or lock your memory to prevent others from deleting your programs. Unfortunately, Matt Shepcar has lost all interest in Rascall, so 0.9 is the final version.
Yet Another Shell Screenshot
Yet Another Shell (YAS), the first TI-86 assembly shell to support emulation of larger than 12kb 85 assembly programs, was written by Aaron Curtis. YAS features TI-85 emulation of ZShell and Usgard programs. YAS also supports icons that have been coded into an ASM program as well as being able to run 85 assembly programs that exceed 12kb, previously which was not possible. Most recently, 82 emulation (ASH and CrASH), which previously only available in ASE v1.3, has now been factored into YAS. Also, the 12kb limit does not exist on 82 ASM programs.
ZAP 2000 Animated Screenshot
ZAP 2000, the largest and most graphical TI-86 assembly shell, was written by Chicane. ZAP 2000 features an "Explorer," ability to change contrast, program grouping, icon support, a mouse cursor, and more. Most recently, plugin's have been redone and TiL, a txt-to-string converter program, has been put in the ZAP 2000 archive and implemented seamlessly into the shell.

Categories Anaconda ASE Emanon Iridus MSE OSE Rascall YAS ZAP2000
Author Kirk Meyer Bill Nagel Ben Mickle Alan Bailey Chicane Will Dempster Matthew Shepcar Aaron Curtis Chicane
Version 0.4 1.3 1.0 0.92 3.5 0.22 0.9 0.92 0.72
Last Updated 99-03-19 98-01-19 99-04-23 97-07-29 99-04-28 98-09-09 98-01-23 99-05-05 99-05-02
Shell Size 1,797-4,163 3,415 1,206-1,889 1,008 1,580 765 4,886 5,482 5,012-8,868
BASIC Programs Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Change Contrast Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Delete Programs Optional Yes No No Yes No No Yes Yes
Disp. Free Mem. No Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes
Disp. Prog. Size No Yes No No Yes No No Yes Yes
Hide Programs No No Yes No No No Yes Yes No
Memory Locking No No No No No No Yes No No
Prog. Descriptions Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Program Groups Optional Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Prog. Group Amount 5 5 5+1 N/A 16 N/A 5 5 6
Prog. Group Rename No Yes No N/A No N/A Limited Limited No
Progs. On Screen 24 14 16 8 8 24 18 14 12
Password Protect Optional Yes Yes No No No Yes No Optional
Shutdown Feature Optional Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
TI-82 Emulation No Yes No No No No No Yes No
TI-85 Emulation No Yes No No No No Yes Yes No

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