Program Icons

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If you wish you use these in your programs, go ahead, but please mention me somewhere in the program or documentation with a link to this site (if possible). These icons are 4x larger that what it would be on your calc, so they may look a little odd, but shrink them back to 1x and it will look better. To see the icon at 1x, right click the image and choose "View Image (image.gif)" in Netscape or copy the address in Internet Explorer properties and paste the URL into a new window.

If you would like to submit an icon, email it in bmp, gif or even 8x8 ascii drawing of 1's and 0's.

Alan's Icons
Icon Description
The two numbers, 8 and 6 slapped together to make 86.
A ^_^ smiley.
A baseball.
Even though the default icon is a calculator, I felt I should draw my own.
A checkmark. This was the result after trying to draw a Nike symbol.
A part of a chessboard.
An exclamation mark!
The infinity sign.
A mad smiley. "Mad smiley" could be an oxymoron.
The US dollar sign.
The hit character "Pacman." Looks better at 1x.
A question mark?
An "S".
A smiley with a tongue! =Þ
Your typical smiley, tilted 90 degrees to the right. =)
A spiral.
A funny looking star.
A spiral with dust.
USR's x2 logo.
An "E" similar to Internet Explorer's logo.
A "W" for a Microsoft Word-type application.
A waste basket.
A "Z" for all your "Z" games.
A bird soaring in the air.
A cube.

Submitted Icons
Finger by Daniel Nelson

Icons by Panama

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