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ticalc dot org - In my opinion, the definitive source for all your calculator needs.
TI-Files - Trying to set themselves apart from ticalc. They offer interesting "extra's."
Dimension-TI - Another TI website devoted to all calculators.
Assembly Coder's Zenith - A site dedicated to Assembly Programmers, people interested in writing Assembly, and more.
TI-ASM - Bill Nagel's homepage. Creator of AShell, Super Mario 86, Nibbles, and many other 86/83 ASM games.
TI-Turbo:The World of the 85 - Listings of many TI-85 ZShell games, including the screenshots Mark so generously allowed me to use.
Nick's TI Calc Site - The definitive website of calculator cables.
86 CENTRAL - Optic2000's TI-86 Assembly Page - This site probably has more information on 86ASM than Texas Instruments themself have.
Roger's Systems Specialists - A great site for ordering parts. Null Modem Adapters and gender changers are $2. 9pin-25pin adapters are $1.50, and 9pin-25pin cables are $2.50 (1 foot and 6 feet). Lots of good stuff, at great prices. :)
Trent Lillehaugen's ASM page - Step by step tutorials to Frogger and several other ASM basic's.
TI-89 - A calculator thats sort of a cross between TI-86 and TI-92, no coincidence TI-89 is 3 less than TI-92 and 3 more than TI-86.

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