YAS Compatible TI-82 Programs

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Recently I've noticed discrepencies between TI-86 emulators and actual TI-86's. So for the moment, I'll only be confirming games that work on my actual TI-86 w/ Rom 1.2. I also test the game in various emulators with the rom 1.2 dump. Any Non-Rom 1.2 versions listed as compatible/incompatible are user submitted.

All of the working 82P files have been converted to 86P and included in the original zip.

Remember, for some of these games, [EXIT] on a TI-86 may not exit the game, however [CLEAR], [MORE] or [DEL] may.

Most of these games have been ported to 85 and 86ASM, which is far more stable than emulating 82ASM. 85 and 86ASM versions will be listed where applicable.

Screenshots - Screenshot



Alien v1.2 Rom 1.2; A space invaders type game. Be sure to hit [PRGM] before starting, since normal gameplay is a bit too fast.
Ark! v1.1 Rom 1.2; An arkanoid clone.
Avalanche v1.1 Rom 1.2; A game where your objective is to dodge the falling ice picks. High Score save works!
Baseball '99 v1.1 Rom 1.2; A game similar to the Tiger Electronics handheld "Baseball." The 86ASM version is smoother and contains less delays.
BattleQuest v1.0 Demo Rom 1.2; A semi-first-person map game. Limited things to do. Cursor doesn't appear (as it should).
BlackJack v1.0 Rom 1.2; A beautifully designed version of BlackJack. Smooth gameplay and nice graphics. Bet information not saved upon exit.
BlockBuster v3.1 Rom 1.2; A simple game where the object is to bust as many blocks before making it to the exit.
BreakDance Rom 1.2; A game where you must mimic the breakdancer by pressing the appropriate arrow keys. After getting highscore a few times, calc froze. 85ASM version available.
BrickMaze v1.0 Rom 1.2; A nearly impossible maze?
Brix Demo Rom 1.2; A puzzle game where the object is to drag the blocks around so they all match up and disappear.
The Chase v0.9 Rom 1.2; A game where you select to be the chaser, or the chased. Upon entering the game, press 1 or 2 to begin.
Diamonds v1.3beta Rom 1.2; A game where the object is clear out blocks by hitting them in a specific order and hitting trigger blocks. This is the ASH version, the CrASH version, however, does not work.
Donkey Kong v1.0b Rom 1.2; A looping game where you (DK) keep dodging barrels and climb up. Definitely need to put the enable delay by pressing [PRGM] in YAS.
DuckHunt v1.2a Rom 1.2; Similar to DuckHunt on other TI platforms. Interesting thing to note, when you move your crosshair, the duck flies faster. Available in 86ASM.
Dying Eyes Demo Rom 1.2; An rpg with a simple interface, detailed graphics/animations, and more.
FrAWgGutS v1.2 Rom 1.2; A Frogger-style game with some minor differences to the 86ASM Frogger.
Galaxian Lite Rom 1.2; Nearly identical to the 85ASM Galaxian, a popular shoot-em up. However, 85ASM version displays more information on screen.
Galaxian 3.0 Rom 1.2; Nearly identical to the 85ASM Galaxian, a popular shoot-em up. However, 85ASM version displays more information on screen.
Knight Moves Rom 1.2, 1.6; A game in which your your chess piece, the knight, must make as many L-jumps as possible without landing on the same square more than once. Available in 85ASM.
Lites Out v1.0 Rom 1.2; A puzzle game where the object is to "turn off" all the pieces. Version (included) with sound works.
Little Dude episode 1 Rom 1.2; An interesting character puzzle game with lots of items. A word of caution: do not be hasty, this game has several unexpected delays, and missing sprites. Pressing [ENTER] and waiting usually gets you to where you need to go. Your Energy bar does not show in entirety, so be prepared.
Life v1.1 Rom 1.2; A game with somewhat resemblance to SimCommunity. You build a cellular environment and see what happens when you let time goes by following a special algorithm. A cool demo is included.
Lunar Lander II Rom 1.2; A game where you must land your spaceship down before running out of fuel. This version is very limited, and the left-right arrow keys happen to be reversed. 86ASM version available.
Marin the Movie v1.1 Rom 1.2; A game where you must move the helicopter and drop a man onto a moving truck. Must have delay enabled (unless you're really good).
Master Mind Rom 1.2; A guessing game in which you must get a guess the correct order of the numbers. Also in French.
Minesweeper v2.2 Rom 1.2; A game similar to Microsoft's Minesweeper. Note: Do NOT select a height number larger than the width number, or your calc WILL crash!
Orzunoid v6.0 Rom 1.2; An arkanoid clone; features some exciting pickup items. Game runs a bit jerky though. 85ASM and 86ASM version available.
Pacman '99 v0.5 Rom 1.2; A Pacman clone. Includes options on fast/slow and 3/4 enemies. Even in Fast mode, Pacman is slow with Delay inactive. 85ASM and 86ASM version available.
Same Game v1.3 Rom 1.2; A clone of the ZShell game, Insane Game. Flawless emulation. No multiplayer however.
Solytare v2.11 Rom 1.2; Just like all the other TI versions of Solytare. Something odd is that moving the cursor down is much faster than moving it up, left or right.
Squarez XL Rom 1.2; Works just like the 86ASM of Squarez.
Ultimate Poker v3 Rom 1.2; After you execute it from YAS, wait about 2 seconds while looking at a blank screen, then hit [ENTER] so the game will begin. Also in French.

Non Compatible

Boulder Dash v1.0r3 Rom 1.2; The game seems to run normally throughout, but start pressing the wrong keys at the wrong time, and various ways to kill a calc come up.
Boxworld v1.0 Rom 1.2; All the assumed blocks look like ascii letters and the movement is completely off, resulting in a nearly unplayable game. [CLEAR] exits.
Chicken Shoot v1.1 Rom 1.2; ticalc.org's archives attributed (unstable beta) to the end of the description, emulating it on the 86 doesn't change that. Game runs fairly well up until you want to shoot. Then wild menu flood and crash.
Columns v3.0c Rom 1.2; Menu and game seems to function, however block sprites either don't appear or aren't emulated properly.
DStar v1.0 Rom 1.2; When run, a double split of random dots appear. Recoverable by pressing [ON].
Dumb Jumping Man v1.1 Rom 1.2; Game loads properly, except key routine's are not working. Only Up, Right, and [ON] have any effect. Pressing [ON] returns to YAS.
Jezzball v1.0 Rom 1.2; Game runs fine until you decide to divide up the space, then entire screen becomes black. 85ASM version available.
Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 Rom 1.2; Sprite mapping and collision detection is way off. 86ASM version available.
Pente v1.0a Rom 1.2; Menu loads up, then massive ascii flood. [ON] restores.
Picross v1.2 Rom 1.2; Game appears to work fine, until you actually start playing it. Lots of "garbage" is left on the screen as you move your arrow about.
Pong v1.3 Rom 1.2; If the description was a clear indication of what was to happen to my calculator, then it shouldn't have been a surprise. By far one of the most interesting calculator crashes I've seen in awhile. Also necessitated the removal of the backup memory.
Slippy v1.11 Rom 1.2; After the game is executed, a blank screen sits. After pressing a few buttons, a seeming selection screen comes up, but nothing happens after. [ON] returns to YAS. 86ASM version available.
Sokoban v1.0 Rom 1.2; Only level select number is displayed, adjustable by pressing +/-, game itself does not function. Able to exit with normally.
Spaze Invaders v1.5 Rom 1.2; The game seems to work okay, but when you get back to YAS the screen gets messed up.
Sqrxz Rom 1.2; This was a port from 86ASM to 82, and taking it back to 86ASM doesn't work out too good. It's unable to detect level files. 86ASM version available.
Squarez v1.3 Rom 1.2; When run, a message saying "Disable the interrupt" is displayed. 86ASM version available.
Taifho v1.0 Rom 1.2; The simple oversized calc killer.
Tron v1.0 Rom 1.2; Another interesting calc destroyer.
Vertigo v0.94 Rom 1.2; Stated in YAS's documentation that emulated versions of Vertigo will not work. 86ASM version available.
Yoshi v1.0 Rom 1.2; Game works okay overall, but the background messed up with gameplay, rendering an almost impossible to play game. 86ASM version available.



7g v3.2 (update) Rom 1.2, 1.3; The TI-OS does not detect 7g in the [PRGM] Menu because the program begins with a number. With the revisions in YAS .92, this game now works properly. Similar concept to Z-Kart but with sidescrolling.
Alpha-10 v1.00 Rom 1.2; A space shooter with a unique firing system which requires conserving shots to remain effectiveness.
Avalanch v1.2 All Rom Versions; This now works with release 2 of YAS with 82 emulation. 86ASM version available.
Bomberman Multiplayer v0.03 Rom 1.2; A simple bomberman-style game with no pickups. Currently only two players allowed to play on one calc.
DStar v2.55 (update) Rom 1.2; A puzzle game in which you are to collect the dots. A slight twist to the 85ASM and 86ASM versions.
Dying Eyes All Rom Versions; a great RPG. YAS shows it can do larger-than-12kb 82 assembly programs!
DuckHunt v1.2a All Rom Versions; Just like duckhunt, except when you move the cursor, the duck speeds up too. 86ASM version available.
FallDown v1.2 All Rom Versions; As with all 82 assembly programs, the screen size is reduced to an actual TI-82 screen, which might make it seem you can move the marble off to the right. 86ASM version available.
Fuck All Rom Versions; Just stay alive and out of the way of the dots.

Non Compatible

Diamonds v1.4 (update) Rom 1.2; Main screen loads up, but after the game screen begins, the an error in drawing the screen occurs. Pressing [ON] quickly brings YAS back. The ASH version of Diamonds works fine.
Fighter Jets v1.1 (update) Rom 1.2; Each rom version gives a unique "death," but all end up completely crash-locked. Rom 1.2 shows the "Press Enter to begin" screen, then shuts off.
JezzBall v2.1 (update) Rom 1.2; If you attempt to do a horizontal line, it goes through the virtual 82 boundaries and the calc locks up. If you attempt a vertical line, it will mirror the line elsewhere on the screen, though the calc is recoverable with [ON]. The 85ASM version works fine.

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