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I'm still thinking of how this site will be organized. Tables? I don't now. But in the meantime, I'll just mention what I know and any other bug info people pass along. Anything to share? Let me know! Send an email to bugtraq@more486.ticalc.org.

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In the first release of Fall Down Forever, when you press [MORE] to pause, the calculator will turn off. Bringing it back on, with all your programs is a matter of luck. The next release fixes this.


In TextView, if you make a line incredibly long, i.e.: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGH, it will flood the remaining bottom of the screen with the first few letters of that. Basically, if you write anything that is larger than the physical screen is able to display, it will distort but not crash.


This came from my post on ticalc.org's comment board regarding BomberBloke v.96.

I tried linking Bomberbloke between rom 1.2 and rom 1.6. It locked up almost immediately within 10 seconds.

To be honest, I actually liked the help system. And even if it needs 4 more kb, it's fine. Although, it can be trimmed down to the point of just a list of what icon does what. I let a lot of people borrow my calc in class (yeah, I study :) ) and the help has been the best thing in helping them to get started. An option to include help, or not in the future would be appreciated (imo).

One player mode is great. Although I was informed of two bugs.

Incident one:

I got up to level 8, and died. Sent bomber.86p and bomber.86s to my friend via link cable. So he was able to start up to level 8 too. He noticed Level 0, tried it, and his calc crashed. His rom is version 1.3.

Incident two:

My friend w/ rom 1.3 got the "boot", and had only one bomb. He kicked the bomb at an enemy, and the enemy walked over it. The enemy "picked it up" and he lost the bomb. He ran around the whole level with 0 bombs, and as you can imagine, if he died, he wouldn't get the bomb back either. :P

Both of these "bugs" have been added to the news on my website. Although, I'll try that Level 0 thing again. It might've just been a coincidence.

-Alan Webmaster of Compatible ASM Programs for the TI-86


Accidently stumbled upon problems between two 86ASM programs: Persons v1.2 and CalcManager v1.2. When the CalcManager KEY is installed, you can not view the Person's database. The error will result with "Database is empty" and you can not exit as well. When you Press F5 to quit, F1 does not respond. If this happens to you, leave it on the Exit Confirmation screen, then pull out one battery and immediately put it back in. You should still have your programs.

I have contacted Keith Batton, author of CalcManager and he is underway in resolving the problem.

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