ASE Compatible TI-85 Programs

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Area 51 v0.0 Drive a tank and blast those aliens away! Cool weird graphics.
Asteroids Demo Version The classic top-view space shooter (demo version).
Black Jack Getting to 21 with cards is easy, right?
Bombardment Adjust your velocity and angle in direct correlation to the wind to destroy your opponent! 2-player on same calc.
Bone Yard Game style is similar to Centipede. Limited features, no documentation.
Chess v1.2 Well, it's 2-player chess. There's an option to do linkplay too.
Columns v3.0 Just like Sega Game Gear's Columns, well, minus the color.
Connect Four Two people play on one calculator.
Contra It has pretty nice graphics. But has one level, too easy, and it doesn't scroll when holding arrow key.
Cubes^2 Ugh, shareware... flip 3D blocks over and try to match the faces, quite puzzling. 10 second delay upon exiting.
Daedalus v0.2 Doom-type raycasting engine. v0.31 (on does not work, however v0.2 does.
Daleks! v1.0 Something like Dr. Who.
DiceGame .5B You roll dice and pick one of the numbers of the cube, which eventually lowers your score. Object of the game is to get lower scores.
Dots Like the Windows Entertainment Pack "Dots." Two-player. Press the number keys (2,4,6,8) to draw the line. Whoever makes the most boxes wins.
Dr. Mario This game has a beautiful menu screen. But I can't figure out if the arrow keys don't work, or perhaps it isn't emulated correctly.
Formula 1 Too slow to be called an ASM game, much faster on the TI-85, beautiful graphics nonethless.
Hexagon v1.0 Interesting puzzle game, jump over other hex's and take over the board.
HexFighter Shareware The game seems to be pretty fun, controls are awkward. I prefer pressing the up arrow to go down, and down arrow to go up. It's shareware, delays are everywhere.
Insane Game Multiplayer puzzle game, 86 works against other 85's.
JezzBall v2.1
Knight v2.0 No readme. In the game of chess, the knight moves in an L shape, how many L jumps can you make?
Life Not totally sure how this game works. Perhaps it is similiar to the Windows Entertainment Pack game "Life."
Matricks v1.3 Move your cursor around and it will flip blocks depending which direction you run over the block. You need to match one side with the other.
MegaRacers v1.04 This game would be better if I could actually see my car. Usgard MegaRacers 2 is better.
Meister Mind v1.201 Kinda like the windows game Code Breaker. Figure out what order of symbols is correct in the least amount of tries. Two player capable.
Memory v1.6 Just like the fliptile card game, Memory.
Mutiny2 A sidescrolling shooter.
Nibbles v1.36 The game engine is quite different from the ZNibbles in 86ASM. There aren't any walls and when you go through them, you pop out on the other side, not to say that the game is easier than Nibbles by Bill Nagel.
Othello Like the classic boardgame.
Pacman 2.6 Pacman, one of the classics that started it all.
PlainJump Roll the grayscale marble forward and jump on platforms.
PlainJump 2 Somewhat trickier than PlainJump, you have to accelerate, brake, all while you're trying to manuever.
Pool No readme file, limited range of aim, and newtonian physics very off. Still fun nonetheless.
Raid Another Invader type clone, very slow and jerky. Better off with Galaxian.
Simcity .87b Use the 8 x 8 tile set, it looks better. Different lands work, budget saves and pollution maps work! Bug with pollution map fixed, hospitals and graphs removed.
Slippy The kickboxing legend! A fun puzzle game, also available in 86ASM.
Space Invaders Space Invaders clone, reasonably smooth, similar to Galaxian, but not as fast.
SpaceWar Two Player-Only. Similar to Asteroids, except your opponent is also a ship. Plays against 85/86.
SpeedGame How fast can you press your function keys?
Video Poker A little slow. Retains memory of bet. When you bet, hold up/down arrow keys.
Weave Dodge walls and hear sounds.
XC-1701 v1.3 Don't ask me about the name, it's an invader type game, but it keeps going, where as in Galaxian, once you finish off the enemies, it goes to the next level.
ZBike 1.3 Kinda like the Excitebike for Nintendo. Kinda slow but fun. Even design your own levels!
ZFight Kinda fun, looks like streetfighter. Do not run external.85s, it will crash.
Z-Pong v1.3 ZPong 2.01 does not work with ASE. Multiplayer doesn't work. There is a little beep-boop sound.


Meister Mind
Flip Tile
Galaxian Usgard version is more up-to-date.


Drug Wars
Solytare It's solitaire! Good organization and graphics. Also available for Usgard.


Avenger Every pixel is inverted, so the background and enemies seem to conflict. Similar to Galaxian.
Balloon A side scrolling game in which you, the balloon, must pick up fuel and rubber bands and finish off the level. A lot more complicated than Sqrxz (all I can seem to compare it to).
Drug Wars Text based game, you buy and sell drugs to make profit...
DStar A puzzle game.
Flip Tile
Galaxian 3.0 A great shoot-em game with 20 levels!
Mario 2.9kb game, no enemies, and even on TI-86, very fast.
Mega Racers 2 Large game (11kb), but the graphics and newtonian physics are unparalleled.
Orzunoid Arkanoid clone.
Pacman 98
Plane Jump A grayscale 3D marble rolling forward and jumping on platforms.
Race v1.0 The graphics are nearly identical to a BASIC game called Racer for TI-83's. It's insanely fast and the all you do is avoid walls driving your "A."
Racin' Driving game from top-view. Drive a little roadster on a course and check your time.
Save the Men Catch falling people from a building and bounce them to safety using stretchers.
Slippy2 Kickboxing Legend It's Slippy the kickboxing penguin! Fun puzzle game. Available in 86ASM.
Solomon's Key Beta Readme.txt file tells nothing about the game. Trying to figure it out, but overall, good graphics and interesting game. I think it's similar to "Jetpack," an old DOS game.
Solytare It's solitaire! Good organization and graphics.
Speed 1.2 This game is like Simon Says. Press the matching Arrow key listed on the screen. Not particularly entertaining.
Tunnels A Z-Kart type game.
Wak-A-Skeeter v1.2 How fast can you press your number keys? Similar to the BASIC game Bonk.
ZTetris Better Tetris (stability) for 85 and 86 (instead of ZShell's shareware Ztetris v4.0 or TI-86 ZTetris 1.1). Especially if multi-player is in your interests.

Misc 85

3D Viewer Make your own Magic Eye 3D pictures on your calculator! Version 1.5 available on does not work on the TI-86, version 1.0 however does. Get it from here. +ZShell
Bouncing Ball Nothing impressive... just a little bouncing ball, like in Orzunoid or Turbo Outbreak2. +ZShell
Etch-a-Sketch Drawing program. Don't shake it though! +ZShell
Eye Animation Press the arrow keys, [2nd], or F5 and watch eyes blink. +ZShell
Globe Full screen spinning globe. ~7kb. +ZShell
Organise 2.2 Very good day-to-day organizer. Typing system very easy to use. +ZShell
Polyions PolyAtomic Ion List +Usgard

Non-working 85 ASM

Bomb Sweeper 1.1 - Usgard - Enter AShell, auto exits.
Bomberman - Usgard - No Detection.
Caves v4.0 - ZShell - After a little confusion, I decided to load all the *.85s files onto my calc. I ran the CEngine, and it told me not to run Caves through there. Okay, I so loaded a level file, and after the first screen, blankout!
Crunch - ZShell - Loads up main screen, freezes the rest.
Labby v2.1 - ZShell - Enters the program, when you press [2nd] to start (like it asks) it auto returns to AShell.
Morons .8B - ZShell - It seems to load and exit okay, but the keys mentioned in readme do not match the commands in Morons... Also, to move to another screen, you need to hold [2nd] and then the arrow keys, even then the cursor starts moving on its own. Not emulated perfectly.
Nibbles0 - Usgard - AShell 1.3 does not detect. Although older (ASE v.90) may detect it.
Potty Pigeon - Usgard - AShell 1.3 does not detect.
Road - ZShell - When you execute program, it auto exits AShell. When you turn off calculator, turn on, and reenter AShell, garbled screen, and no response.
Shifter 1.01 - Usgard - No Detection.
SpyHunter - ZShell - Reminds me of an old computer game... Anyway, the game works fine, but your shots do not hit the enemy car, and you can easily drive right through them.
SuperCopter Beta - Usgard - When run, blank screen occurs. Pressing [EXIT] returns to the TI-OS.

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