Instructions to Dan Eble's ZShell games

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All programs are installed by sending the variable to the calculator.

Connect Four  2-player game

When the title screen appears, press [ENTER]. Use the arrow keys to move pieces and [2nd] to drop them into the board. To quit, press [EXIT].

Dots  2-player game

When the title screen appears, press [ENTER]. Use the arrow keys to move the ball cursor around the grid. The object of the game is to complete boxes by drawing lines on the grid. To draw a line, press [2], [4], [6], or [8], to draw it below, left, right, or above the cursor. Players take turns making lines. When a player completes a square, that square is filled in with his letter, and he gets to draw another line. The player with more boxes when the grid is filled wins. Press [EXIT] to quit at any time.
GFM  Chemistry Utility

Type a molecular formula. Use [ALPHA] to switch between upper and lower case letters. Use [F1] through [F5] for subscripts 1-5, and use [GRAPH] through [CLEAR] for subscripts 6,7,8,9,and 0. Use [(-)] for right and left parentheses. [EXIT] quits.
Matricks  1-player game

When the title screen appears, press [ENTER]. Use the arrow keys to move around in the left matrix. When you move between two elements of the same color, nothing happens (except your score increments). If you move between two different-colored elements, the one to which you moved changes to the third color (and your score increments). The object is to make the left matrix the same as the right in as few turns as possible. When the matrices are equal, "Done!" is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. Hit [EXIT] to quit at any time.
Memory  1-player game

When the title screen appears, press [ENTER]. Use the arrow keys to move the pointer and [2nd] to flip over a card. If the pair of cards you flip over is not a match, they will flip face down next time you move the cursor. If they do match, they will disappear. Your score is the number of pairs you have flipped minus 16. Greater than 23 is bad, 23-16 is okay, and less than 16 is good (my best is 9). To quit the game at any time, press [EXIT].
Minesweeper  1-player game

When the title screen appears, press an F-Key. The number of bombs on the 128-element board is eight times the number of the key you press. Use the arrows to move the cursor. To uncover a piece of ground, press [2nd]. To flag a bomb, press [F1] (you can not use more markers than there are bombs). Once you are satisfied that you have marked all the bombs (or if you want to quit early), press [EXIT]. Squares that are highlighted represent squares that were not uncovered or marked properly. Press [EXIT] again to go back to ZShell.
Tiles  1-player game (with optional person to mix the tiles)

When the title screen appears, press [ENTER]. Shuffle the tiles with the arrow keys. After the tiles are shuffled, you may press [F1] to start counting up your moves. You can toggle whether or not the counter is displayed with the [F1] key, but you cannot stop it from counting. To quit, press [EXIT]. My normal score is 130-200 slides.
Tron  2-player game

When the title screen appears, press [ENTER]. This game is played with each player looking at the calculator from the side. The player on the left side of the calculator uses [2nd] and [GRAPH] to turn his cycle left and right, and the other player uses the up and down arrows. Note that if your cycle is travelling toward you, turning left appears to turn right. The object of this game is not to crash into any black line. If a player crashes, "CRASH!" will display over his score, the other player will get a point, and the game will pause. Press [5] to play another round. You can press [5] during a round to pause, and again to unpause. While the game is paused, the F-Keys change the speed of the cycles (F1 is slowest and F5 is fastest). To exit at any time, press [EXIT].

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