April 8th

YAS v.87

Notes: I'm actually using YAS .88 R2, but didn't have time for a screenshot. I have been finding more and more uses for CSpread... the functionality simply can't cease. You can take tables from websites, incorporate them to excel97 files and save them as 86-readable strings. The Space Demo recently added to ticalc.org archives does not have collision detection yet. But I was impressed with the various weapons to choose from. A nice touch. The random letter generator was written by my friend Daniel Nelson, for me to use while in Spanish. My spanish book cover is covered with 3-7 letter acronym's, and the random letter generator helps me generate 1-21 letters in a random sequence. I got the idea from playing a free online game called AcroPhobia. My friend Nick "Ziggy" Zagorin is writing an assembly version of Donkey Kong, appropriately renamed as Gorilla Bonk. He needs help with some game specifics. Please check out the message board for more info.

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