May - News

As of 5/29/98

I've revamped the the directory frame on the left to include AShell & Rascall in one frame, while the misc in the other. A lot of file renaming changes have undergone... look for more information before the newer version of Rascall is released.

Added two screenshots for the ASE Compatible TI-85 page.

As of 5/23/98

Tested a few 85/82 ASM programs, updated Cool86 programs page. You can download the older version of Daedalus 0.2 (a doom-like game) from here. Since the newer 0.3 with enemies does not work.

I've added two more frames relating to Rascall, although I think putting another ScreenShot frame is kinda silly. I'll take it out when you'll have to actually scroll in the Rascall control frame. And that will come when I put stuff in the Rascall control frame.

As of 5/17/98

I tested several 82 ASM games with AShell. 50% of the 82 programs I tested were unsuccessful. Three of the successful were either not emulated perfectly; wouldn't let you exit normally, too fast, or misalignment. Only one CrASH game worked fine. That's all the patience I had with 82 stuff.

Several of the 85/82 games have identical counterparts in 86 ASM (which I would believe to be much more stable). Be sure to look and try those out first before heading off on a 85/82 program. I will be including a little graphic to help you identify which 85/82 programs are featured in TI-86 ASM as well.

When using an 82 game, be sure to remember to convert the file from 82->to->86 with the three files included in the AShell v1.3 zip file: conv.bat, devbac83.exe, and prgm86.exe. I encountered several 82 games larger than 12kb, which if you have read the readme file included in ASE, will definently not work. :( i.e. FFX4

Daedalus appears to work... Well, an older version for that matter.

I've had a high success rate with TI-85 ASM ZShell/Usgard games, it's completely opposite with 82. Look for future developments and tests.

As of 5/13/98

Added/updated some compatible 85 programs.

Does Daedalus work on the TI-86? I ran it, and it crash locked. But I've heard reports from other people that is does work on the TI-86. In the zip file, there is little documentation on the program, and nothing in regards to which file you need. I loaded daedalus.85g (instead of daedlite.85g), all of the dl0#.85s and dtxt01.85s. Am I missing anything? Or did I load too much? Hmm...

As of 5/12/98

Added a few programs to compatible TI-85 page and some links I'm sure everyone's been to. I wonder when Bill Nagel will release Super Mario Land 86.

As of 5/9/98

Slightly different link color. Finished links to view screenshots on the compatible TI-85 page. If you have screenshots of the programs listed on any of the pages, please email or ICQ them to me in bmp or gif format.

As of 5/3/98

I've put a little frame below the link frame, and as you can read, it will be displaying screenshots of certain games you wish to see. I'll be making the additional links on the pages so you will be able to see the screenshots.

As of 5/1/98

I'm going to go the Paul Getty Museum tomorrow (the new one in LA). Any problems with the files I've listed please let me know. I tested most of the 85 ASM games on a TI-86 with AShell and the program I was testing only. Perhaps certain games conflict with one another.

I think I'll take down the no-frames version. According to the page counter, no one uses a non-frames-capable browser.

A friend of mind suggested that I put more graphics (logo's, title graphics, and small tidbits) on my website and I argued against it. I like the webpage layout: white text on black background makes the text easier to see right? how about link colors? Teal on black too difficult? I'd appreciate your criticism, critiques, and/or suggestions in hopes to project this website with a good sense of direction.

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