March - News

As of 3/27/99

Spent about 3 hours last night recoding the 86 assembly shell comparison on, which shrunk the actual filesize (in comparitive contents). I couldn't figure out how to put two win2000 screenshots together in a manner that wouldn't hamper the look of the page drastically. My only alternative was to make an animated image.

Added the image bar, and a link to the "Message Board." Now you may be thinking, message board? But doesn't offer CGI! True but, in fact, this is the comment board for the news announcement of! Cool huh? :) Remember, there is a 15 character limit where you can not type words in the body longer than 15 letters.

Added the Shell Comparison section. It cover's what's shell article introduces, with more. Check it out. Read the source too. :)

Oh, the latest updates for each section are still there... Just hold your cursor over the appropriate section on the image bar, and the last update for that page will be displayed.

As of 3/25/99

Working on an Image Bar for the frame. Considering a frame-less site though... What do you think?

Pro-Keeping Frame:

Pro-Ditching Frame:
Sorry for the lack of updates, past week has been very busy for me. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know.

As of 3/20/99

This site is officially one year old!

Been busy all week with a research report on "Computer Hackers."

Anaconda v.4 by Kirk Meyer takes advantage of plug-in's. TI-82/83/85 emulation "plug-ins" soon to be added in a later release.

Began testing programs with Rascall. The page is up, but there are only a few programs listed. Switching between rom versions via an emulator is very tedious and time consuming. Rascall seems to magnify the differences between rom versions.

All the links in February's News have been fixed.

Added over 30 screenshots to the YAS Compatible 85 section.

Added "How do I dump the rom off my TI-86?" to the FAQ.

As of 3/15/99

YAS Icons and FAQ have been introduced. I am still at work testing programs with Rascall, but the frequent crash-lock's result in lots of calc downtime.

A new shell called Windows 2000 has started beta testing. You can download the program here. A later version is supposed to include 85 emulation.

As of 3/13/99

Began testing ZShell games with Rascall, the page will be posted later, so check back often. It appears that with different rom versions, results will vary dramatically, particularly between 1.2 and 1.3/1.4/1.6.

As of 3/12/99

Redid much of the frames/margins so people at 800x600 resolution would not not have to scroll the directory frame left and right.

As of 3/11/99

Tested more ZShell programs under YAS. Some of them were ignored because they wouldn't have use on a TI-86 such as ZShell locking and hiding programs.

As of 3/8/99

I have moved My TI-86 Setup off the frame and into About. It also can be found at the bottom of the page. In its place, I have put up the section called BugTraq. This has been established to inform TI-86 users of bugs, program incompatibilities, and other problems with TI-86 programs. If you have anything to contribute, please email me at I will post your name and a summary of the bug you are reporting.

Updated My TI-86 Setup. If you like this section, let me know!

Anyone interested in YAS icons? If so, I'll make a page devoted to them with the source code of each icon.

Added M.C. Mik #2 v1.0u to the YAS Compatible TI-85 section.

As of 3/6/99

Added screenshots to Compatible 85 in ASE.

Added an option to test programs under Rascall on the form.

As of 3/5/99

I put the banner there to earn some money for a graphlink cable. I am pretty bent on trying out my TI-86 with a modem. Also, I want the convenience of being able to double click on an 86p file and automatically send it to the TI-86. You need Assembly Studio 86 to do this by the way. If you feel this site has good content, then please click! :)

Testing has resumed with a few misc ZShell programs in YAS (all zshell games have been finished).

By popular demand, I have reconsidered testing Rascall, though version .9. According to most, Rascall is the most stable shell and can save the calc if a program is acting odd. I will do this upon finishing YAS, and fixing the ASE pages.

As of 3/3/99

Made the news on ticalc dot org! Well, this is a hosted site so no wonder.

Anyway, Usgard testing has finished with the exceptions to two programs: IR version of Tic-Tac-Toe and UChip8 (a calc emulator?). So thus far, out of 66 Usgard programs tested, 47 work, yielding a 71.2% chance that an Usgard program will work in YAS. The reason most Usgard programs did not run was due to the lack of support for old Usgard programs which needed library files, as stated in the YAS readme.

Checked ticalc dot org's latest archive news and noticed two more 85ASM programs: Simcity v.93 and Twinblaster v1.0. They have both been tested under YAS and added to the appropriate section.

As of 3/1/99

All of February's news have been put into the News Archives. If you are a first time visitor, I would recommend reading them to know a little bit more about this site, it's intentions, features to come, etc.

Added more compatible Usgard programs to the YAS Compatible TI-85 Programs.

Cars, an 86ASM game, is probably one of the first to use an icon within the source code (unlike the graphical Aurora Shell). Speaking of icons, I've drawn a a lot (8 x 8 pixels), I'll upload them later for viewing.

If there's anything you'd like to share (corrections, screenshots, news, comments, etc) email me or fill out the form.

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