June - News

As of 6/23/98

I'm finally out of school, and chances are I'll have more time to work on this website. I haven't made the comparison yet due to my questioning of whether the new Rascall will be in my hands, or released at all.

I'm running out of ideas... If you have any, please, by all means e-mail me. If there is a program you would like me to test, 82, 85, 86 asm or basic, email me the program and I'll see what I can do.

As of 6/7/98

I had a SubSpace AM League match so no updates for last night. Anyway, today I've got an ASE v1.3 vs Rascall v0.9 thanks to Bryan Rabeler of www.ticalc.org. I plan to add more versions of 86 Shells as soon as I finish the comparison page.

Added to the ASE Compatible 85 page. Then cable broke! Gotta rebuild.

As of 6/6/98

Been a week since an update, and hits to this site are on the rise... I've added several ASE Compatible 85 programs. If you have screenshots, programs you want me to test, or anything you wish to share, email me.

SCaBBy (Matt Shepcar, author of Rascall) will be busy for the next 3 weeks due to exams...

I've made an odd discovery... The Usgard ZTetris 3.0 works better than the TI-86 ZTetris v1.1... Well, that is, if all your friends have 85/Usgard/ZTetris 3.0 combo's and you crave the "perfect 2-player link up" everytime... On other occasions with the 86 version of ZTetris, my friend with the 85 would have to have "waiting..." first, then I could press enter after selecting my level. If I press enter too soon, my waiting wouldn't vanish, and Tetris would begin on my friend's 85... Now, when both of us use Usgard Ztetris 3.0, both of us can be waiting, doesn't matter which. You can download Usgard ZTetris 3.0 on the ASE Compatible page.

Any errors, please inform me. I was in a rush this morning. I'll add more stuff later on tonight.

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