April - News

As of 4/30/98

Ahh... free time. Another scarce moment. I've added several programs to the compatible 85 ASM page for AShell. Take a look.

I've finally found a website with some screenshots (in gif format and good file size, most under 1kb). Be sure to visit TI Turbo:The World of the TI-85.

As of 4/23

It's been a while since I've done any sort of "update." I apologize, I've been very busy and well according to parents, creating and maintaining a website shouldn't be my top priority. Ah well. Anyway, I haven't got word of any TI-85/82 programs that work on the TI-86 with ASE, but there is rumor of a new version of Rascall to include some hot new features. I will be up and coming with updates when Matt Shepcar releases his new "killer-app."

I have talked with the author of Rascall and he seems very interested in me hosting Rascall on this site. Look forward to some details on it before the release... kinda like that Win95 hype. :)

As always, if you know of any TI-85/82 ASM programs/games/misc that work on a TI-86 with Rascall or ASE v1.3, please Let me know! Thanks.

As of 4/5:

I've been getting some positive comments and will continue to work hard on updating this website. As you may know, there are two links in the left frame which do not currently work, plans for website and screenshots page. I will have them up as soon as possible.

Planning to add more descriptions, screenshots, and...?

As of 4/4

I've got frames! Things will be more organized as I struggle to add some more features to this website. If you have any suggestions on things I should add, please let me know. As of now, this site is under development. Some of the links on the left don't currently work. I'll get the html files up ASAP.

If you're a Rascall user and think I should add Rascall support too, let me know. If demand is good enough, I may contact the author and have him send me his compiled list of programs from the TI-85 that work on the TI-86.

Please, if you know of TI-85/82 ASM programs that do or do not work on the TI-86 with ASE, let me know!

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